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Tybee Island (2016)

This 2016 album combines a healthy dose of party songs and Jerry’s introspective, sensitive songs. Sure to please all listeners!

1. American Dream
2. Just Another Day in Paradise
3. Another Song
4. Our Ride
5. Old Mill’s Run
6. Watermelon Sunday Afternoon
7. Tybee Island
8. My Doce Mi
9. Down At The Island
10. I Remember An America


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Jerry Fagan’s creative skills are not just exhibited in his music. His creativity is evident in many areas. He is a musician, artist, woodworker and craftsman. Over the last several years he has applied his skills to the crafting of several, beautiful homes. The Homes of Fagan Place are owned and rented by Jerry. Each home was custom-built with care down to the finest detail. It is indeed a rare opportunity when one of Jerry’s one-of-a-kind homes are available for rent. Renters just don’t want to give them up! These homes are available for rent or sale, with owner-financing available. Please Contact Jerry if you are interested in renting or purchasing one of these homes.