Tybee Island (2016)

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This 2016 album combines a healthy dose of party songs and Jerry’s introspective, sensitive songs. Sure to please all listeners!

1. American Dream
2. Just Another Day in Paradise
3. Another Song
4. Our Ride
5. Old Mill’s Run
6. Watermelon Sunday Afternoon
7. Tybee Island
8. My Doce Mi
9. Down At The Island
10. I Remember An America

Echo’s Silhouettes & Dreams (2009)

A musical journey down memory lane.

Backed by an overwhelming fan response and a ton of requests, Jerry Fagan has released his next album right on the heals of “The Magic of Jerry Fagan.” We hope you enjoy this new journey Jerry has musically laid out for you! Remember the good times as they come, as echoes, silhouettes, and dreams…

1. Southland
2. Ain’t My First Dance
3. Eighteen Wheel Blues
4. The Old Days
5. The American Dream
6. She’s Got Issues
7. Women I’ve Traveled
8. If I Could Do That
9. Walking To Memphis
10. Echo’s Silhouettes and Dreams

The Magic of Jerry Fagan (2007)

Just a glimpse at the musical magic of Jerry Fagan.

A master poet, performer, and a pretty dang good guitar player, Jerry Fagan has stories to tell and a way with words that is fresh, exciting, and picturesque. Jerry takes the listener along on his journey with a voice that’s strikingly different – you won’t get a tired ear listening to this album.

1. Waterfall
2. Far Away and Long Ago
3. New Orleans
4. Later On
5. Wyoming Moon
6. Jessie
7. Downwind
8. When the Blue Catches Up With You
9. Now That You’re Gone
10. Damn Few Wars Worth Fighting For

Savannah Wind (2005)

A musical journey through Southern Georgia.

Savannah Wind takes you on a journey through southern Georgia and down to old Savannah. The old south comes alive as you become immersed in the Jerry Fagan’s beautiful melodies and his magical lyrics, creating pictures in your mind of lazy summer evenings and island parties late into the night.

Every song on Savannah Wind is a great piece of work by itself, but the underlying stories and passion can only be experienced and understood after listening to the complete album. Jerry has captured a sound that is uniquely his, a softness that draws you into his world. You will find yourself wanting to return to Savannah Wind again and again.

1. Savannah Wind
2. Just Another Fool
3. Summer Nights In Georgia
4. Winds From The Heart
5. Suwannee River
6. South Georgia Plains
7. Down At The Islands
8. The Remains
9. Let It Go
10. Return to Savannah

In A Day (2011)

A Jerry Fagan classic, now available on CD!

One of the first albums Jerry Fagan ever recorded, In A Day, was released on cassette tape during his early days in Atlanta, in the 1980’s. Thousands of cassette tapes were sold after it’s release and Jerry has been consistently getting requests since then to re release it on CD. So here it is, digitally re-mastered, available on CD!

1. Wheels
2. Below the Tennessee Line
3. When The Blue Catches Up With You
4. My Hat’s Off To You
5. One Of These Days
6. New Orleans
7. Southern Bred Lady
8. Jessie